Friday, June 15, 2012

The Good Shepherds Seris Book Two: Faith, Hope, and Charity

Here is the cover art for the second book of my series, called Faith, Hope, and Charity. The book is due to be released July 21st, 2012.

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"Fuller has created a charming, sometimes deceptively charming, world with its own physics, vocabulary, and social structure. Her characters are complex, and good and evil are revealed through the events around their job as Witnesses. Faith, Hope and Charity is fast paced and exciting, with plot twists and turns that keep you turning the pages. I was unable to put it down and read it in one very satisfying sitting. While this is intended for the young adult market, I believe adult readers of speculative fiction will enjoy it as well. Five stars from me. Excellent reading!"

Lynette Endicott, Author of More Than A Job
Rating = 5 Stars 



Over 25 years ago a young girl was murdered by her lover out of fear their secret affair will ruin his marriage and budding career. Years later that Specter is determined to return to life. She will do it by attacking one of Mark and Maya's closest friends--Leigh Kearns--who is also her own niece. When a necromancer is brought in to undo the damage this Specter does, she proves to pose more of a threat to everyone Mark and Maya holds dear. Also the Rogue, an evil spirit that possesses Shepherds, is determined to continue his quest to kill Mark so that he can take his place to become Maya's soul mate.


"Please, just give me some time alone. I'm not going to do anything stupid."
My words were greeted with a low keening mewl. I opened my eyes. There was an Unredeemable in the entrance to the gazebo. It had something in its hand. After a few seconds I realized it was a mangled flower.
"Did you bring me something?"
It made a low sound deep within its throat. I approached the Unredeemable, a male, very slowly, and held my hand out.
"Did you bring me a flower?" I was touched by the gesture.
It seemed reluctant to give me the flower.
"Or is that your flower?" I asked kindly. Now that we were up close I could sense the identity of the Unredeemable. It was the one I'd wounded at the police station. I had healed him with my blood, and sometimes he came around at night to look up at my bedroom window before I went to sleep.
It approached slowly, making more noises that sounded pitiful. I got the sense it wanted to leave, but it remained. "You can give me the flower. I won't hurt you. I'm sorry I hurt you at the police station that day."
It lowered its head and then threw the flower over its shoulder. I frowned and tried to reason out why it did that.
"Pooiisssoonnnn," it hissed.
The Unredeemable's single word had been barely distinguishable from a hiss. I wasn't sure I'd even heard correctly.
"Poison? Did you say poison?"
"Yessssssss," the Unredeemable said. "Roooguuueeee."
"You'll be punished for that."
I recognized Jake's voice before I saw him. The Unredeemable that had brought me the flower skulked away, clearly frightened that Jake was going to hurt him. He stepped into the circle of light from the lamp above the gazebo. He was fiercely handsome, but there was a sense of evil that rolled off him and made me feel almost sick.
"You tried to use him to poison me?"
"Drug you, not poison you. He had one simple task, and he failed. He'll be sorry for that."
"Don't you dare hurt him."
Jake looked at the Unredeemable the cowered before him.
"You care about it?"
"Him. I care about him. I care about all of them."
Jake smiled. "I feel a deep sense of loyalty and love for these creatures inside you. They return it tenfold."
"Of course I love them. They're the Specters who have suffered the most, the longest. They're the ones who slipped through the net and never got help. I won't let you hurt him."
"They like that boy that you call your Other, too."
I didn't like the way his voice changed when he spoke about Mark. There was so much hatred and malice, all for someone who had never done him harm.
"I don't just call Mark my Other. He's my better half."
Jake threw his head back and laughed. When he did, I used that moment to rush him. I shoved him as hard as I could but it was like hitting a brick wall. He was unmovable. His hands were like steel vices when they gripped my arms.
I screamed out to Mark from the pit of my soul.
"You'll soon see that I am your true Other," Jake said.
The back door of the boarding house burst open. Mark was on the porch, followed soon by Leigh and Bobby.
"Call Carsan, Bobby," Mark said calmly.
"Right," Bobby replied. He looked scared when he gripped the cross that hung around his neck and closed his eyes. Leigh did likewise before coming down the steps to back Mark up.
"Let her go," Mark demanded.
"Or you'll do what, boy?" Jake sneered. He pulled me from the gazebo and faced Mark, Bobby, and Leigh. "I can take your woman right now and there's nothing you could do to stop me."
Bobby and Leigh pulled the daggers from their sheathes and inched closer to them.
"Don't!" I warned them. "He's an old Shepherd. You two can't take him."
"Listen to her. She's right. You'll get yourselves killed. Let Mark do the fighting for you."


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