Monday, September 28, 2015

The Good Shepherds

You may find yourself asking, "What is this series?" Well, here's some information to enlighten you. The Good Shepherds series is about a race of people who have the ability to see the souls of murder victims. When people die a natural death their souls move on to the other side. When they're murdered, however, their souls become stuck, alone and suffering the pain of their deaths, in a half-life between earth and the other side. They can't be set free until a pair of Soul Shepherds Witnesses the circumstances of their death and then opens a gateway to the other side for them to cross over. That gateway doesn't always lead to heaven, however. Sometimes it leads to the dark, burning, stinking pit of hell. Sometimes it leads to the misty gray garden of Asphodel, a place that is better than hell, but far, far from being heavenly.

Those poor souls who are not fortunate enough to have been sent to the other side by a Soul Shepherd pair slowly change as their Death Cord (a spiritual anchor that binds them to earth, gold and emerald for males, gold and crimson for females) degenerates. When that Death Cord expires these souls take physical form again in the shape of what the Shepherds call Unredeemables. It has long been held among Shepherdkind that Unredeemables cannot be Witnessed and sent to the afterlife, but young Maya Ford proves them wrong in the first book.

A war is brewing between the Soul Shepherds and an ancient, dark entity they call the Rogue. Maya, and her Shepherd soul mate Mark, find themselves caught up in that war, and learn that not only does the Rogue want to destroy Mark and take Maya for his own, even their own people prove to be a threat as some of the Elders, the Shepherd Ruling Council, have a long history of sacrificing their own to appease the beast that is the Rogue...


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